How to get better at golf if you don’t have much money

There is no doubt that for the most part golf is quite an expensive sport, but there are some ways you can save money and play golf on a budget. In this article we will help you to start saving money in different components and improve your game on the cheap. Here we go!

If you didn’t know yet, there are substantial used markets of golf.  When you are going to invest money in equipment and want to do it on a budget, we highly recommend to buy second-hand inventory. Buying used clubs is very practical and smart way to save money, like we generally do on cars. Golf brands release new products every year and logically old product’s prices decrease yearly, so that’s the moment you should move on. There are many players whose eyes are always on new products. They buy the newest clubs and sell the old ones in a cheap. If you are beginner that’s the another reason why you should start with second-hand. Introduce yourself in golf on the cheap and once you gain some skills, upgrade your clubs.

Keep your current clubs set instead of replacing it with new one. Re-shaft, re-grip and regular clean are the processes which will help your clubs to stay “healthy” and help you to maintain them and save money.  Cleaning doesn’t give your clubs just visual benefits, it helps to keep them alive and your performance in good conditions. Simply clear the clubs with old toothbrush and water every week. Personally I clear them after every training. Make sure to wipe dry the club after cleaning so there won’t be corrosion on club heads.

If you are tall guy and still wish to get new set of clubs, there are few tall mens golf clubs which you should check out.

When you see that clubs grips start to wear or they lose effectiveness, re-gripping is a really good idea. You can maintain great performance and save money with re-gripping instead of buying new one.

Tee fees can be more economical without the cost of a golf cart. Many golfers don’t know times that it is the part of the total costs. Hundreds and thousands of dollars will be saved depending on how much you play by removing golf cart fees. Walk instead of riding a cart, that’s the cost which can easily be cut. walking allows you to experience a fantastic course, where you feel the nature and you could use the exercise.

Read golf books, watch youtube or tv channels about golf. Guys don’t say that this is wasting a time. This is one of the cheapest way to improve your skills, to learn basics of golf. Reading professionals reviews, tips and tricks, is very useful and important. You can call it free lessons. In modern world we have great opportunity to learn everything via internet, golf isn’t an exception.

You can get practical lessons at home. You can Try out the things that you have learnt on the course. There are various indoor practice aids that will help you to improve your game. Home practice will help you to don’t lose your conditions in winter, snowy and rainy days.

Visit golf courses on the time when its discount hours. Many courses have discounts on evening sessions. Also there are some discounts on specific week days, we highly recommend to use this days to save some money.

Make savings on snack. You will need energy replenish on the course, but prices are often high in the clubhouse. Preparing snacks at home and then eating between holes is a great idea to economize your golfing day.

Public courses are beautiful and cheap at the same time.  Most of public golf courses are open for public. They usually belong to a city or county in their respective countries. Playing on the public courses are maybe the smartest way to both – save money and enjoy the beautiful game.

Finally, we can say that golf is a quite expensive sport, but you can always save money in different things. In this article we reviewed some great ways to minimize costs and improve your game on a budget. Never get rid of buying second-hand golf clubs. Especially if you are a beginner, we highly recommend to start with second-hand. But not only beginner, many skilled golfers play with used clubs. Also re-shaft and re-grip can reduce your costs easily. Home practice for both theorical and practical skills are super useful for your skill and helper for your pocket.

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